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Case Example

Customized steel structure stairs

Fast Steel Factories Co., Ltd. Project Case—— Steel Structure Stair Customization



Project overview

Project Name: Customized Steel Structure Staircase


Project duration: February 23, 2020 - March 3, 2020



Project Background

The engineering school in this project covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters and a building area of nearly 7,000 square meters. It is currently the largest educational complex in the region.


  Due to the expansion of teaching functions in the school's office building, the original construction plan did not set stairs. Now it can no longer meet the needs of daily teaching work, affecting the efficiency of teachers and students. This requires the installation of steel structure stairs to facilitate everyone's access. . Steel structure stairs refer to the stairs with square tube, angle iron, channel steel, etc. as the main materials built on the original foundation. The construction is fast, safe and reliable.

The steel structure staircase design in the project has few fulcrums, high bearing capacity, many shapes and high technical content. It is not easily affected by structures such as columns and floors, and is strong and firm. The steel plates of the welded stairs are all welded accurately after debugging, so the pedals are at the same level in the front, back, left and right after they are installed. The ladder columns and beams of the steel structure stairs in the project use H-beams, the stair beams use channel steel, the platform beams use a combination of channel steel and square tubes, the treads are made of non-slip checkered plates, which are safe and reliable, and the handrails are recommended for the owner to use galvanized pipes. , The cost increases a little, but the amount is not much, and the budget increase is not much, but the anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance will be greatly enhanced, and the cost-effective.