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Case Example

Rail Transit Line Steel Structure Project

Project Case of Fast Steel Factories Co., Ltd.】

—— Construction of Steel Structure Platform of Qingdao Rail Transit Line in China



Project name: Construction of medium and high steel structure platform for process equipment maintenance of Qingdao Rail Transit Line 13 Phase I Project Depot

Project coordinates: Qingdao

Project duration: April 2014-November 2015

In the construction of U-shaped beams, the U-shaped beams of Qingdao Metro Line 13 adopt the pre-tensioning process, which has the advantage of good sound absorption and noise reduction. Reduce the impact of train noise, save the conventional sound insulation screen on the bridge, and change the cover beam from secondary tension to primary tension, which not only reduces repeated land occupation and labor costs, but also facilitates construction.


The façade of the elevated station of Qingdao Metro Line 13 is mainly made of steel structure, metal panels, glass and other materials. It adopts the combination of folded-plate roof and sail-shaped façade. , The side wall of the station body is set with glass louver enclosure; the roof skylight is designed to facilitate natural ventilation and lighting above the platform area; the station body is set with glass louver enclosure, and through the flip angle of the louver, the sunshade, dimming, ventilation, and rain protection can be adjusted to varying degrees. , windproof, dustproof effect, can save energy and environmental protection, reduce energy consumption; the intelligent outer skin design of the station can realize comprehensive drainage, so that the rainwater flows into the column network, and the drainage is smooth. In the construction of elevated stations, all stations use an integral prefabricated installation system, all components are built at the factory, reducing construction time and making the structure economical for precise and simple construction.


The project scope of this project: the steel structure of the viaduct station, including the station beam, the station guardrail, the building skylight structure, the scaffolding, the stairs, the steel structure platform for the maintenance work of the rail transit locomotive and vehicle body, including the upper platform, the lower platform and the platform column Columns, escalators and escalators, the upper platform and the lower platform are connected and fixed on the ground through the platform column column, the lower platform is connected to the ground through the escalator, the upper platform is connected to the lower platform through the escalator, and the outer edges of the upper platform and the lower platform are provided with platforms. Guardrail, a fixed transition plate is fixed outside the guardrail on the edge of the upper platform, and side guardrails are arranged on both sides of the upper platform. The wire, cable, gas pipeline and other process pipelines on the construction site are criss-crossed. The entire steel platform project has a tight construction period and is difficult to produce. It has high requirements for design and deepening drawings, production and installation. Fast Steel Factories Co., Ltd. did not back down in the face of pressure, and moved forward bravely. It quickly formed a technical team to conduct a detailed technical inspection, and eliminated the problems of complex prefabricated steel structure connections, many nodes, high design requirements, and short installation time, and completed it efficiently. All production problems are solved, and work efficiency and safety are improved.


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